Never pay for something that is free.

When you pay for electronics with ZEN Mastercard® and within EU, you get an additional one year of warranty. For free. It applies automatically to all electronics that have a manufacturer’s warranty up to 3 years.


If it breaks,
we will fix it.

If your product is damaged after the standard warranty time, apply for its additional protection by entering into the details of a specific transaction. Click on the “Help” icon and then on “Extended Warranty”.


ZEN shopping Mastercard®

To be 100% sure that your purchases are protected, remember to always use your ZEN Mastercard®.


How it works


Mia bought 600€ worth PlayStation 5. Automatically she received one year extended warranty. It would have cost her 60€ in store.


How does the 1-year warranty boost work?

When you pay with your ZEN card for electronics, you get an additional year of warranty, so buy products using your ZEN Mastercard®.

Important. The purchase must be paid for in full with the ZEN Mastercard® for which you received an insurance certificate when ordering the card.

When you pay with your ZEN card in the store and the vendor offers you an additional warranty for more money, tell him that ZEN gives you the same for free.

You are entitled to the Zenefit for home electronics and household appliances that have a manufacturer’s warranty of no more than 3 years. The warranty is extended by 12 months.

You are from Poland and you want to be covered by an additional year of warranty? Remember to agree to this when ordering your card.

If your product is damaged after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, apply for its extension by entering the details of the specific transaction. Press the ‘Help’ icon followed by ‘Extended warranty’.

Contact AXA directly for more details on the insurance.

How do I make a claim under the AXA warranty?

If you want to file a claim regarding the additional warranty and cooperation with AXA Insurance, you will need to contact the insurer directly. 

Contact number for AXA:

  • Polish hotline +48225298527,
  • English hotline: +33123123123

Have the following data ready when contacting AXA: 

  • Individual customer – the first 8 digits of your card number and the name of your subscription plan (the name will appear when using the ‘warranty’ service)
  • Business customer – the first 8 digits of your card number