Instant cashback

Save up to 15% with Instant cashback

And receive a part of your spending back instantly in your Zen account

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Cash back in your account

Are you tired of having to wait a specified minimum amount of time to receive your cashback?  Zen have got you covered.

Instant and ready to spend again

Once a transaction is completed, your cashback will show in your Zen account in seconds, not days. Send your money back into the world as soon as you like.

Favorite brands and the best deals

We’ve handpicked a selection of special offers from a variety of online stores so that you never have to pay full price for your purchases. Whether you’re buying electronics, cosmetics, or just doing some groceries.

Download the ZEN.COM app, check out our vast selection of partner stores and save even more.


What’s the catch?

There’s none, just some simple conditions

To receive cashback, you must pay for the purchase with your ZEN Mastercard®

Instant cashback applies to selected partnering stores. You can find all the available cashback offers in the ZEN.COM app in the Instant Cashback section.

To make use of this offer, you must open the dedicated link to the store from the ZEN.COM app or send it to another device

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We’ve designed the whole process to be as short and simple as possible. Download the app and see for yourself

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