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Transfer your money just the way you like

All of the popular methods in one place with the lowest fees on the market

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So you can pay locally…

Local methods

In ZEN you’ll find all your favorite transfer methods. You can choose from a variety of local methods to transfer your money like you always do it quickly and with the lowest possible fees on the market.

… and send money abroad

SWIFT transfers

Move your money internationally and make transfers in foreign currencies.

It’s quick and secure. In ZEN, you can choose from two types of SWIFT transfers:

– SWIFT OUR where you cover all transfer fees

– SWIFT SHA where you share the transfer fees with the recipient

SEPA transfers

Make transfers in Euro between accounts in the European Economic Area.

It’s the quickest and cheapest way to move your funds.

ZEN Buddies

Make transfers to other ZEN users free of charge and lightning-fast. The money arrives in your recipient’s account in seconds.

All it requires is the phone number of the recipient. And if they don’t use ZEN yet, you can send them money anyway – they can collect it once they open a ZEN account.

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