ZEN Mastercard®

ZEN Mastercard® for peaceful shopping

Make the most of your ZEN account with physical and virtual ZEN cards

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In your wallet and in your phone

Simple and beautiful debit cards connected to your multi-currency account. ZEN Mastercard® comes in two shapes: physical and virtual.

Physical card for traditional banking

You can order a physical ZEN Mastercard® for traditional in-store payments and ATM withdrawals…

Virtual card for online shopping

… and use virtual ZEN cards for online purchases and subscriptions straight from the ZEN.COM app.

Works well with virtual wallets

Even if you don’t have a physical ZEN Mastercard® yet, you can connect your virtual ZEN cards with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, and Xiaomi Pay to make shopping even more accessible

A card destined to shop

Whenever you use your ZEN Mastercard® to make a purchase, you get to enjoy its extra features:

ZEN Care Shopping Protection

for support when something goes wrong with your purchase

Extended Warranty

for electronics purchased with ZEN Mastercard®

Instant Cashback

up to 15% when shopping at ZEN partnering stores

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