ZEN Mastercard®

ZEN Mastercard® for your business purchases

Maximize the full potential of your ZEN account with the ZEN corporate cards

In your pocket and in your phone

Designed to the smallest detail and connected to your multi-currency account, ZEN Mastercard® comes in two versions: physical and virtual

Physical card for traditional purchases

Order physical ZEN Mastercard® cards for you and your team to pay in-store and withdraw money from ATMs…

Virtual card for online transactions

… and create virtual cards for your team members for online purchases company subscriptions.

One account, many cards

You can order several physical and virtual business cards through your ZEN account, depending on your plan. You can distribute them among your team members and get a greater sense of control over your company’s funds.

A card made to shop

Whenever you use your ZEN Mastercard® to make a purchase for your company, you get to enjoy its extra features

ZEN Care Shopping Protection

for support when something goes wrong with your purchase

Extended Warranty

for electronics purchased with ZEN Mastercard®

Instant Cashback

up to 15% when shopping at ZEN partnering stores

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