Money transfers

Transfer money online with no needless costs

Send money internationally and locally with a wide range of options and at the lowest fees

For international transfers…

SWIFT transfers

Make international money transfers in foreign currencies.

It’s quick and secure. You can choose from two types of SWIFT transfers: SWIFT OUR and SWIFT SHA.

SEPA transfers

Make transfers in Euro between entities that are located anywhere inside the Eurozone.

It’s the quickest way to move your funds in EUR free of charge.

… and local payments

Local methods

With ZEN’s local transfers in EUR, GBP, and PLN, you avoid unnecessary fees. You can save on currency exchange and other costs that usually come with other international money transfer options.

ZEN Buddies

You can make instant money transfers to other businesses free of charge using ZEN. Funds reach the recipient’s ZEN account in seconds. It’s the quickest way to settle payments with business partners.

For this option to work smoothly, both you and your recipients should have ZEN business accounts. To make a transfer, choose ZEN Buddies from the list of transfer methods in the ZEN.COM mobile app and enter the ZEN account holder’s phone number.

Digital currency transfers

You can use ZEN if your business uses digital currencies or exchanges them. The Digital currency feature allows you to transfer Euro funds to platforms that exchange digital currencies.

You can control the conversion rate because cryptocurrency transfers are made based on the latest exchange rates. You can exchange your digital currencies into Euro the very same way and at the lowest fees on the market.

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