Apple Pay

ZEN and Apple Pay. Simply safe and fast.

Love your iPhone? The Apple Watch? Then you’ll love saying goodbye to paying cash or using physical cards. Add your ZEN Mastercard® to Apple Pay now, and pay safely anywhere: online, stores and apps!

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Simplicity pays off

Your cards and cash can all stay at home.

Security pays off

Technology protects your data. And your money as a result.

Privacy pays off

Merchants can’t see your details or your card number.

Easier said?

Easier done than said! Just add your ZEN Mastercard® to Apple Pay now:

1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone

2. Tap on the + symbol

3. Scan your ZEN Mastercard® or enter card details manually

4. Wait for instructions from ZEN to finish configuration

5. Done! Enjoy easier payments when you see one of these:

Scan to get the ZEN.COM app

We’ve designed the whole process to be as short and simple as possible. Get the app and see for yourself!

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