Complete payment processing solution to grow your business

Accept and process payments and transfer money fast and securely with an all-in-one payment platform

For your business

A holistic platform for managing a company’s finances that enables fast, secure and low-cost money transfers, in-store and online payments with ZEN cards, and exchanging FIAT currencies to digital currencies.

Multi-currency account

One ZEN account with 28 currencies. It offers a dedicated IBAN account and quick and easy currency exchange at the latest interbank rates

ZEN Mastercard®

Physical and virtual ZEN cards that are fully integrated with your ZEN account. Available for you and your team to seamlessly manage your company’s money.

Account top-ups

Fast and secure account top-ups in foreign currencies with a wide selection of methods to choose from, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Paysafecash, iDeal, and many more.

Money transfers

External bank transfers, internal ZEN transfers, and deposits to digital currency management platforms at the lowest fees, so you can skip needless steps and always have your company finances under control.

Enterprise solutions

Diverse businesses, same ZEN. Discover our solutions for your type of business.


Flexible solutions tailored to the specific needs of crowdfunding platforms


Tailored financial solutions designed to meet specific needs of the rapidly evolving world of games


Tailored financial solutions designed to address the unique needs of companies offering financial services


Discover the ultimate payment solution engineered for online marketplaces

For your e-commerce

A comprehensive set of payment processing services that will ensure a fast and smooth flow of money between your customers and your online store

Payment gateway

Easy to customize checkout with a variety of payment methods for fast and secure payment processing

Payment methods

Over 20 local and global payment methods to choose from with the lowest processing fees

Instant settlement

Funds deposited instantly and ready to use immediately straight from ZEN account

Created not only for developers

Easy to implement with end-to-end documentation and technical support to make integration smooth and seamless


for the most popular ecommerce platforms

Checkout integration

for custom ecommerce CRMs


for customized integration

Frequently asked questions

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Which business account should I choose?

Depending on your needs, ZEN offers four types of business accounts that allow you to store multiple currencies in one place, manage funds, and make many different types of transfers.

If you run an online shop and would like to additionally accept payments on your website, we suggest opening a business account with a payment gateway.

In which country should my company be registered in order to create a ZEN business account?

You can find a list of supported countries, as you fill out the integration application. Just start typing the first letters of the name of the country that you are interested in. If it appears in the search results, then a company registered there can benefit from opening a ZEN account. If it doesn’t, then, unfortunately, the country is not currently supported.

Why was my application rejected?

Unfortunately, the reasons why an application has been rejected, are not always provided due to various restrictions and legal regulations. We’re very sorry about this and assure you that we are constantly looking for solutions to accommodate an even wider range of businesses.

The most common reasons for rejection are: unsupported business model, unsupported country, or no operational activity.

How can I add a new user/representative to my business account?

If you already have an active business account and would like to add a new representative, please contact us via chat to do so. To be granted access, the new representative should create an individual account.

In some cases, a notarized authorization to represent the company is required. If necessary, we’ll contact you with a request to provide such a document.

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