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    ZEN Buddies

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    Send money to your friends and family, and experience the joy of instant, zero-fee transfers

    Send or get money instantly

    Imagine this:
    You need to send money to friends or family.
    With ZEN Buddies, you can send money immediately to anyone using the ZEN.COM app, absolutely free of charge.

    And if your recipient isn’t a ZEN user yet? No problem. You can still send them money, which they can collect as soon as they join ZEN. If you send a ZEN Buddies transfer to the wrong number or to someone who does not use ZEN, the money should return to your ZEN account within a maximum of 14 days in full.

    What makes ZEN Buddies so special

    • Instant Transfers: No more waiting hours or even days for your money to reach its destination. With ZEN Buddies, your money arrives in your recipient’s account in seconds.
    • Zero Fees: Forget about hidden charges or surprise costs. Sending money to your ZEN Buddies is entirely free!
    • Simple & Easy: Forget about complicated details or account numbers – all you need is your recipient’s phone number.

    After all, you deserve only the fastest, most straightforward, and most affordable solutions for your financial transactions!