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    ZEN account top-ups

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    Add money to your ZEN account. Instantly, safely, and the way you like

    Top-ups just how you like them

    Imagine this:
    You’re about to make a critical payment or purchase only to find your account running low on funds. Or you want to deposit money but are faced with limited, inconvenient options. We’ve all faced such hurdles, haven’t we? With ZEN, these obstacles are yesterday’s news!

    When one option isn’t enough

    Adding money to your ZEN account is simple and safe. You can use global and local methods, including Mastercard® and VISA cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and bank transfers. So that you always decide on the one that suits you best.

    No matter the currency

    You can top up your multi-currency ZEN account with 29 currencies that ZEN supports. And if you need to top it up with an unsupported currency, it will be exchanged into EUR at interbank rates thanks to ZEN’s currency exchange.

    How it works

    1️. Select the Top-up option in your ZEN.COM app
    2️. Enter the amount that you wish to top up your account with
    3️. Choose the desired method and complete the transaction

    What’s the catch

    There’s none! Here are a few simple conditions:

    1. ZEN Top-ups are available for all transactions made with your ZEN account.
    2. The number of top-ups depends on your selected plan. Please check the pricing for more details.


    Life’s too short for banking inconveniences! Let ZEN Top-ups bring simplicity and ease to your everyday financial management. Because you deserve a banking experience that works for you!