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    The importance of social media for e-commerce brands

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    Compare and contrast this with traditional means of marketing like radio, print or TV. Of course, they do target – a TV ad during an afternoon soap opera will resonate with the female audience, but the level of targeting the social media platform offers cannot be matched.

    There was once a time when social media was used to share experiences. From a simple poke to nudges, it wasn’t the most hallowed beginnings. But those days are long gone. Today, it’s the most influential technology of the 21st century. It’s all about going online to check product reviews, new launches or seeking services. For example, before booking a hotel room, people read reviews anddecide accordingly. Similarly, prior to investing in a good laptop, people usethe internet for thorough research and only then make their purchase. Sufficeto say, social media can make or break your business.

    The widespread stardom that social media has sought has no longer made it a luxury but a necessity.

    Millions of people have handed over vital information about themselves to these platforms when they sign up. This coupled with users constantly engaging and giving out more information every day such as their likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. is priceless.

    With this sea of information, social media allows an unmatchable hyper-targeted marketing experience. Users are segregated into different categories, divisions and segments and a brands message is put in front of the right set of eyes.

    Compare and contrast this with traditional means of marketing like radio, print or TV. Of course, they do target – a TV ad during an afternoon soap opera will resonate with the female audience, but the level of targeting the social media platform offers cannot be matched.

    Furthermore, e-commerce businesses are looking for sales. What better place than social media where there are an abundance of people. Social media effortlessly ticks the right boxes by allowing businesses to display their products and services to the world.

    That’s not all! There is more to this match made in heaven.

    Here are a few points which illustrate the importance of social media fore-commerce brands.

    Social media lets you tell people that your brand is alive and kicking

    You want people to know that your brand exists. Screaming, shouting and throwing a tantrum aren’t the ways out. So how can everyone get your message? The answer lies right in front of you. All you need to do is hop on the social media platform and present yourself to the world. This world is online nearly 7days a week and 365 days a year! Not only is this a prerequisite but kick-starting your marketing efforts with this will take you leaps and bounds.

    Social media helps you spin a good tale 

    Can you imagine yourself reading articles or texts that are pages long? Gone are these days. The people of today are on-the-go, and they do not have any time to spare.

    In this era, the spotlight is on visual creativity and direction. Marketing a product also needs to focus on visuals and creativity and tell a story. Just showcasing a product with the help of a celebrity to the audience no longer makes the cut.



    People want to know about your brand’s story, how it came about, struggles from the early days, etc. all this helps form a healthy customer-brand relationship.

    Social media helps you get out there; hello customers!

    Customers are the main guiding force behind every business and social media guarantees numbers. This is a no-brainer! Can you think of anywhere else where your brand will be exposed to a canvas of perhaps millions of people by just logging in? Well, we thought so!

    Social media platforms are your one-stop solution to prospective people who are waiting to purchase what you sell.

    The best part, it’s more or less free. Plus, the returns that you see are in comparison to your expenses, make the effort worth while.

    Social media help you engage with customers  

    Which brand doesn’t want to engage with customers? Especially if you are in it for the long haul, you want to see your competition off and beat them to the top.

    Social media platforms allow you to not only post content but also talk to customers – ask them what’s working and what isn’t, replying to feedback, replying to comments and what not.

    If you want to stand out from the brick and mortar shops out there, this is what you have to do. Not just talk to your customers but engage with them. The customers need to see you are more than just a brand, as someone they canrelate with and someone they can connect with.

    Another plus point of social media is customer retention. Not only do customers come but also keep coming back.

    Get on board now or be left behind

    Social media has come a long way from once being a medium of connecting people to, playing a deciding role in businesses today.

    Most individuals have moved online and are super social. Brands have noticed this shift. Earlier, a physical store front was how a business mark edits presence and with the help of ads in the newspaper. At present, with the digital age businesses have taken a turn – they live and die by the standing on social media.

    Not only can social media direct shoppers towards new products or amazing deals but also create a sense of community and engage with people and persuade them to make a purchase. It’s a known fact that people turn to social media platforms for assistance with their buying decisions and nearly 72% made a purchase as they had seen the product on instagram.

    There is huge opportunity for businesses in social e-commerce if they havea well laid out strategy. With the ability to tell your story to your targeted audience and control your expenses, it’s high time your business gave social media a poke.