A New Way to Manage Your Money is coming to Ukraine!

We’re partnering with PrivatBank to bring our premier financial services to Ukraine soon.


Ukrainians living or working abroad will soon have another convenient and reliable way to instantly send money to their loved ones back home. ZEN.COM has become a new partner of the PrivatMoney international money transfer system, allowing Ukrainians to receive transfers from abroad at affordable rates.

Fast and Secure Money Transfers

Wide availability and convenience

In Ukraine, money transfers through the "PrivatMoney" system can be received at any branch of PrivatBank, ATMs, self-service terminals, mobile application "Privat24" and also can be used at branches of select Ukrainian partner banks.

Speed and reliability

PrivatMoney transfers are processed instantly, allowing the recipient to receive funds in the shortest possible time. Additionally, it is a reliable service that guarantees the security and confidentiality of money transfers.

Low fees

The PrivatMoney transfer system offers competitive rates and low fees for conducting financial transactions. This enables customers to save money when making transfers.

Transfer to card

Enjoy fast and easy international transfers with ZEN

Lower fees

Card-to-card transfers have lower fees than traditional bank transfers, saving you money on transaction fees.


Transfer money directly to cards for instant transactions, perfect for urgent payments like bills or unexpected expenses.

International transfers

Card-to-card transfers work internationally. It's a convenient method for you if you need to send money to friends and family overseas.

ZEN Buddies

Free and Instant Transfer to a Phone Number

Zero Fees

With ZEN Buddies, you can make money transfers to friends and family using the ZEN.COM app, absolutely free of charge. It's all about keeping more money in your pocket.

Effortless Process

All you need for a seamless transfer is the recipient's phone number. The funds arrive in their account within seconds - it's perfect for immediate financial needs.


Even if your recipient isn't a ZEN user yet, they can still receive your transfer. Once they sign up, the transferred funds will be waiting for them, demonstrating the universal utility of our service.

EU and Ukrainian regulations

Our tools detect unusual behavior and block fraudulent activities to provide a secure payment environment

Instant KYC

Facilitate user verification

We instantly verify and validate your users' data in line with the EU regulations

Compliance with AML/CFT standards

Ensure the highest level of money protections

Our solution meets the EU Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism standards