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To convert currencies freely with no unnecessary costs

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Fee-free at last

How about no annoying surprises in your bank account when you return from a vacation abroad?

Whether you exchange currencies, pay with ZEN Mastercard® or withdraw cash from an ATM, with Zen you don’t pay a dime up to the limit of your plan.

No fees, no limits

You don’t have to fear the costs of currency exchange and limit yourself to shopping only in your local markets anymore.

With ZEN Masterard® you can pay at international stores and in foreign currencies with no additional exchange fees.

The lowest rates to save even more

Banks and financial institutions set their own rates which are higher than the original interbank market rates. ZEN doesn’t.

Our currency exchange rates are the same as the interbank rates so they’re the lowest on the market. Now you can be sure that you pay no more than necessary.

What’s the catch?

There's none. Seriously. But to be sure, you can read our General User Terms.

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