Your participation in the promotion has just been confirmed.
Enjoy a 30-day access to the Platinum plan.

What will you gain by using the Platinum plan?

Flexible account top-up

Top up your ZEN account using various methods, with minimal fees and increase your financial flexibility.

Minimal fees for currency exchange

Say goodbye to currency exchange commission under the Gold plan. Exchange currencies under the most favorable conditions in the Platinum plan.

More free ATM withdrawals

Enjoy free withdrawals up to 800 € per month, which is four times the limit of 200 € under the Gold plan.

More free cards

Order 2 physical and 3 virtual cards for all your payment needs, while under the Gold plan you get 1 physical and 1 virtual card.

Extended warranty

Enjoy a warranty amount increased to 5000 €, exceeding the limit of 1500 € under the Gold plan.

What should you know?

The Platinum plan will be activated for 30 days for free after meeting the promotional conditions within 72h from confirming your desire to participate.

You can return to the Gold plan at any time and when the promotion ends, the Gold plan will be automatically restored.

If you have any questions or need more information, write to us at [email protected] or via chat in the app.