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ZEN Mastercard®

Simple and beautiful physical and virtual ZEN cards made to bring you the best shopping experience. Stay in control, always safe and aware of your spendings.

You can connect them with Google Pay and Apple Pay for the most convenient payments.




Card made to pay

Whenever you make a purchase, always use your ZEN Mastercard® to enjoy some of its extra features.

checkmarkZEN Care - shopping protection

checkmarkOne-year extended warranty for the electronics you purchased

checkmarkUp to 15% of cashback rate when using the offers from ZEN partners



How it works


Roman uses his ZEN Mastercard® every time he buys things for his house. This keeps him calm because ZEN supports him if anything goes wrong with the transactions. Additionally, he receives cashback and extended warranty for electronics. Why would he use other payment cards?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the card limits?

You can change your card limits by logging onto the mobile app or the ZEN portal.

You can change two types of limits. The first type is the ATM limits. These are daily cash limits e.g. cash withdrawal from an ATM.

The second type is cashless payments i.e. payments with debit cards and cashback.

The maximum daily limit you can set for each of these types of transactions is:

  • for cards with EUR as the settlement currency – a maximum of €30,000.
  • for cards with PLN as the billing currency – a maximum of PLN 120,000.
  • for cards with GBP as the billing currency – a maximum of £30,000.

ZEN app

To change the limits using the app, take a look at the tutorial below to guide you through this process.  Log in and then go to the accounts view. Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to expand the view of all available cards. Choose the card of interest to you and then press ··· . Now you can see all your card’s details. Click on ‘Limits’, set your preferred amounts and confirm the operation by pressing ‘Save changes’. Now you can enjoy conducting your transactions without any problems.

How do I assign a PIN to a new card?

The new card’s PIN must be set when ordering it.

To set the PIN code when ordering your card in the mobile app, proceed in thesame way as described above. The app will ask you to set the PIN code after confirming the delivery address.

Remember, you assign the PIN code to the card at this point; it is not the access code to your app.

What should I do if my card does not arrive?

Contact us if the card does not reach you within the specified time (up to 3 business days in Poland, up to 10 business days in other countries).

If the consignment you receive is damaged or your card is not in the envelope, delete the card immediately and contact us.

Remember, never activate your card before you receive it for reasons of security of your funds.

The card has been used without my knowledge. What should I do?

If your card is stolen or an unauthorized payment is discovered, place a restriction on the card immediately in the mobile app or in the ZEN portal and contact us for further assistance.