Crowdfunding platforms

Payment processing for crowdfunding platforms

An easy and fully compliant way to manage transactions between donors, investors, and project organizers

Payments in

Benefits for crowdfunding platforms

Instant KYC

Connect with your customers easily and quickly. Verify and validate your customers' data instantly, in line with EU regulations

Benefits for donators and project holders

20+ local and global payment methods

Offer a wide range of payment methods suited to your ecosystem and users' needs

One-click payments

Generate dedicated single-payment links on demand

29 operational currencies

Provide your users with 29 operational currencies that your users can pay in

Adaptable payment site

Optimize your users' payment experience with an adaptable, responsive, and secure checkout page

Money in

Benefits of crowdfunding platforms

Unlimited e-wallets

Provide your users with as many e-wallets as they need

Unlimited amounts

Deposit any amount to any e-wallet

Unlimited deposit time

Keep funds on e-wallets as long as you need

IBAN per wallet

Get a dedicated IBAN account for each wallet

Payments out

Benefits of crowdfunding platforms

Fees and commissions management

Set, manage and account for donation fees

Project holder verification

Verify users in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards

Benefits for donators and project holders

Funds available instantly

Withdraw collected funds to your ZEN account immediately after receiving them

Verification made by ZEN

Our tools detect unusual behavior and block fraudulent activities to provide a secure payment environment

Instant KYC

Facilitate user verification

We instantly verify and validate your users' data in line with the EU regulations

Compliance with AML/CFT standards

Ensure the highest level of money protections

Our solution meets the EU Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism standards

Easy integration

Integrate our solution for crowdfunding payments smoothly with developer-friendly API and online documentation

Let’s work together if:

  • You’re a loan or donation crowdfunding platform
  • You need fast transaction processing
  • You want to save on transaction fees
  • You have the legitimate proof of business and are KYC-compliant

We cannot offer our solution to:

Companies that don’t possess a proof of business

Companies from the following countries: Afghanistan, Belarus, Botswana, Burundi, Cambodia, Crimea/Crimea Region, Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gaza Strip, Guam, Iran, Islamic Republic of Iraq, Jamaica, Kosovo, Laos (Lao PDR), Lebanon, Libya, Mayotte, Myanmar (Burma), Nicaragua, Macedonia, Pakistan, Palestinian territories, Panama, Puerto Rico, Republic of Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan•Syria, Tahiti, Tunisia, Uganda, Venezuela, Virgin Islands (U.S.), Yemen

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