ZEN Mastercard®
brings peace

Use ZEN Mastercard® to embrace the full potential of your Zenefits.

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ZEN Mastercard®

Simple and beautiful ZEN physical and virtual cards for you and your team. Use them to stay in control of your company spending.

Connect them with Google Pay and Apple Pay for the most convenient payments.




A card made to pay

Whenever you made a purchase always use ZEN Mastercard® to enjoy extra features that comes with it

checkmarkZEN Care - shopping protection

checkmarkOne-year extended warranty for the electronics you purchased

checkmarkUp to 15% of cashback rate when using the offers from ZEN partners



How it works


Anna uses her ZEN Mastercard® whenever she buys equipment for her company. Thanks to that she is calm because ZEN has her back if something goes wrong with the transactions. Additionally, she has some cashback and an extended warranty. Why would she use other payment cards?