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    ZEN Care – case#2

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    Do you know how much ZEN Care gives you? It’s a guarantee to protect your purchases made with your ZEN Mastercard®. Whether you have a problem with a transaction, can’t communicate with a vendor, or the product you purchased doesn’t meet your expectations, our Team will help you regain your ZEN.

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    Faulty equipment was delivered? We’ll take care of it.

    Jacek approached ZEN Care for help in clarifying the delivery of faulty equipment by an ISP. The older model of the router did not support the 5Ghz band.

    ZEN Care contacted the provider. After a thorough analysis of the contract and the offer available on the website, it was pointed out that there were inconsistencies between the price of the package and the speed of the Internet purchased and the router model provided to the customer. The provider delayed explaining why the contract showed a different hardware model than the Internet package offered website, and did not see the need to replace the router with a different version.

    Agata – ZEN Care Team Member

    I will honestly admit that this was one of the more difficult and convoluted cases I have had to deal with. The equipment provided by the company did not support the 5Ghz band, making it impossible for the customer to use it properly, which was an obvious base for a complaint. I was pleased that after two months of non-stop correspondence, the issue was resolved. The router was replaced and the customer was able to use the Internet without any problems. 🙂

    Thanks to the fact that the order was paid for with a ZEN Mastercard, we were able to take care of resolving the problem and take the customer off the hook for the tedious, monotonous process of dealing with the service provider individually.