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    ZEN – the beginning of the journey

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    One of the brightest news items reaching us at the start of 2021 was that a team of Nepali climbers had set a new world record by becoming the first to reach the summit of K2 in winter. The very same K2 that along time ago, in 1953, was described by American mountaineer George Bell as “a savage mountain that tries to kill you.”

    Some things don’t change, like the drive to do things and seek out places where no man has gone before.

    Like in 1996, when Polish explorer Jacek Pałkiewicz led an international, scientific expedition to identify the source of the Amazon River, intending to find the river’s true length. The team located a small spring in the Apacheta ravine, confirmed by satellite image 15 years later. The Peruvian Geographic society certified this place as the official source of the Amazonian river, which makes it the longest in the world.

    Think about the environment of the e-commerce world. Isn’t it like a savage mountain, where strong, unpredictable winds can easily push you down? Doesn’t it seem to you like a jungle, where change is the only permanent condition and potential threats are lurking around every corner?

    Imagine yourself being part of such an ambitious enterprise. In fact, maybe you don’t have to imagine, maybe you are already deep in this peculiar world. The journey is long and sometimes you need to rest. But also imagine that you have folks in your team who can always lend a hand. They’re always available for you. After an exhausting day of adventuring, they make sure that you sleep safe and sound, not having to worry about your security.

    There is one crucial factor that can help overcome any limits and cross any borders: a reliable, wise and, most importantly, experienced guide.



    We have been there; we have gone through many obstacles; we have learned from our mistakes, which is why we know that you don’t have to follow a similar path. And finally, we have found out that it’s all about ZEN.

    We can show you safe, reliable and user-friendly financial solutions for your business. We can help you reach new peaks, proving that simplicity is the key to your success.

    That’s what we offer: peace in the jungle, a strong hand to help with your ascent to the top of the mountain, ZEN.com in the extremely challenging world of e-commerce. No matter if you are a veteran or rookie in this business, we have a tool to suit every member of the expedition, and we will be more than happy for you to join our team to reach your own goals. Peaceful selling. Mindful finance. Let’s do it together!