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    ZEN Care

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    Life’s too short for bad shopping experiences! Let ZEN Care Shopping Protection turn your shopping sprees into worry-free experiences

    Your purchases protected

    Imagine this:
    You’ve planned your dream vacation only to have it ruined by a canceled flight or a subpar hotel. Or you bought a product that doesn’t live up to expectations. We’ve all been there, right? But with ZEN, such frustrations are a thing of the past!

    You can report the issue to us, and we’ll take over all the communication with the seller.

    How it works

    It only takes three simple taps in the ZEN.COM app to let us know of the problem:

    1. Locate the problematic transaction in your ZEN.COM app
    2. In the transaction details, select Get a refund and then ZEN Care
    3. Describe the issue and attach any relevant documents or photos

    You do you, we do the rest

    That’s it! You’re free, and we’re on it. We’ll take over all the communication with the seller and keep you informed at every stage, so you know exactly where your case stands.

    What’s the catch

    There’s none! Just two simple conditions:

    1. ZEN Care Shopping protection applies to all your purchases paid for with your ZEN Mastercard®
    2. The number of requests to ZEN care depends on your selected plan. Check the pricing for more details.