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    Multicurrency account

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    Make your global shopping experiences more effortless than ever

    One banking account for many currencies

    Imagine this:
    You’re browsing through an international online store, eyeing that unique item that’s not available in your home country. But, dealing with currency conversion is often a hassle, isn’t it? Not with ZEN!

    29 currencies at a single tap

    With ZEN, you’ve got access to 29 currencies, including EUR, GBP, USD, and 26 others. No need to juggle multiple accounts or carry different currencies in your pocket.

    Transfer, pay, exchange

    With ZEN, you decide which currency you want to use for making a transfer, paying at international stores, or even withdrawing from ATMs abroad. You can exchange your money instantly, at the lowest rates on the market.

    The icing on the cake

    ZEN’s multi-currency account offers FREE currency exchange! When you pay in foreign currencies, exchange them, or withdraw from ATMs abroad, you don’t have to worry about any additional exchange fees. That means more savings for you to enjoy more shopping!


    Navigate the world of global shopping with ease and make your purchases truly borderless with ZEN’s Multi-Currency Account!