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    Free currency exchange

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    Pay with your ZEN Mastercard®, or withdraw cash from an ATM abroad – all without paying a dime in fees, up to the limit of your plan.
    Say goodbye to unnecessary costs

    Exchange currencies with ZEN

    Imagine this:
    You’ve just landed in a beautiful foreign city, ready to indulge in local cuisines, explore historic sites, and pick up some unique souvenirs. But wait! The pesky currency exchange fees and uncompetitive rates are acting as a spoilsport. Well, not anymore!

    Don’t limit your shopping to local markets

    With ZEN Mastercard®, you can shop at international stores and pay in foreign currencies with no additional exchange fees.

    The lowest rates to save you even more

    Unlike banks and financial institutions that set higher rates, ZEN uses the lowest interbank rate for currency exchange. So, you can rest assured you’re not paying more than necessary.


    Pack your bags, plan your travel, and let ZEN handle the currency. Make your summer vacation a truly ZENsational experience!