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    Apple Pay with ZEN

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    Love your iPhone? The Apple Watch? Then you’ll love saying goodbye to paying cash or using physical cards. Add your ZEN Mastercard® to Apple Pay now, and pay safely anywhere: online, stores and apps!

    Simply safe and fast

    Imagine this:
    You’re out shopping or dining, and when it’s time to pay, you don’t need to fumble with cash or cards. You simply take out your iPhone or Apple Watch, and with a single tap – payment is done! That’s the magic of combining your ZEN Mastercard® with Apple Pay.

    What Apple Pay with ZEN brings to you

    • Simplicity: Leave your cash and cards at home. Your payment needs are now covered by your favorite device.
    • Security: Benefit from cutting-edge technology that protects your data – and your money.
    • Privacy: Enjoy peace of mind knowing merchants can’t see your card details or personal information.

    How it works

    1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone
    2. Tap on the + symbol
    3. Scan your ZEN Mastercard® or enter card details manually
    4. Wait for instructions from ZEN to complete the setup

    Voila! You’re ready to enjoy simpler, safer payments.

    Transform your shopping experience with ZEN Mastercard® and Apple Pay. Because when it comes to payments, we believe in offering nothing but the safest, simplest, and most private solutions!