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    E-commerce in the 2020s. Is your e-business ready to step in?

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    Good to see you here!

    We encourage you to get acquainted with a new phenomenon, emphasized by ZEN.com.
    If you have ever felt like there’s a wind of change in the e-commerce, which requires a different approach to consumers than before, you were right.

    And it’s not entirely because of the pandemic, although it plays a major role here, obviously.

    We are witnessing the rise of a new, demanding generation of e-consumers. They have fund sand are willing to share it with your e-store, but only if you fulfill their expectations.
    We nicknamed them Lazy Conquerors. The name may seem a little bit surprising, maybe even self-contradictory, but – believe us – these people are going to be a core part of the growing online market.
    Try to understand them and you will hit the jackpot. Obviously, you can also choose to cast them aside and continue with your current strategy – provided you’re not afraid of losing out on substantial profits.

    Dive in our report and discover the advantages of getting your own spic-and-span Lazy Conquerors among loyal customers of your brand. Are you ready?