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    Quick delivery – customer experience importance

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    Quick delivery – customer experience importance

    What comes up to your mind first when you think about the term ,,Delivery” ? Is it a smiling guy in a red hat, carrying a long-awaited parcel from AliExpress? A warm, steaming pizza at your door? Or maybe…

    …that rush of excitement after a notification in your mailbox, then checking shipment status every 10 minutes?

    Whatever it would be, all today’s consumers know the importance of delivery, as well as the struggle of delay.

    And so, critical task for the whole e-commerce nowadays is always to make the shipment fast and effective, unless one wants to get out of the loop.
    That’s what Lazy Conquerors expect. Some worldwide companies have raised the bar with such facilities as next-day or even same-day deliveries.
    Recent report discovered that even though online buyers do value quick shipping (the maximum acceptable time is 3-5 days now), they became less likely to pay more for this.

    Depending on country, only 29-37% European e-customers are willing to spend extra money on getting their goods the same day, more and more of them considering it as obvious.
    As a result, even if today’s shopper won’t pay extra, most merchants would provide him the service for free.

    Submitted figures do speak louder than words when it comes to reliability and professionalism to your customers. How late deliveries impact buyer’s retention?

    – Hollingsworth’s study found that 69% of consumers

    are much less or less likely to shop
    with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered within
    2 days of the date promised

    That being said, today’s e-commerce services need to be comprehensive from start to end.

    Customer expects:

    • fast & secure payment
    • order smoothly submitted for execution
    • updated notifications about shipping status
    • speedy delivery

    So if you want to get bigger slice of online retailing pie, you need to provide them quick and complex consumer experience.

    Apart from speedy delivery, another important issue is prompt, hassle-free payment.
    Innovative solutions provided by ZEN.COM ensure immediate settlement, which streamlines the whole charging process and makes it frictionless for both
    customers and merchants.

    ZEN’s solutions enable instant cash flow which consequently results in growing financial liquidity of the business, so the e-shop can focus on order fulfillment.
    Properly selected payment platform would assist one with running business and bring relief in handling deliveries, which reduces the common, rush-related stress. Consequently, possibility of easy cash flow mixed with variety of PSPs polishes all the steps, so that your customers are provided noticeably improved service.

    If you ensured yourself in shortening the timespan of processing orders, you should actually give a chance to these holistic, easily adapted solutions.
    They are recommended for all kinds of enterprises. Still unsure if the idea would work out for you? Another useful issue is an initial assessment of individual needs of the company concerned.

    On ZEN’s side you can count on simplicity of possibilities,
    fitting every e-shop and leading to your and your
    customer’s satisfaction.

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