ZEN allows you to generate detailed reports of all transactions made in a specified period. In this chapter, you can learn how to generate and download them.

Note that you can generate reports for up to 31 previous days.


Generating reports

  • To generate a report, log in to your ZEN panel and go to the Ecommerce > Reports section.
  • Next, click on the + icon in the top right corner to generate a new report.

    In the Reports tab, you can also find all the reports which you have previously generated.
  • Now, in the pop-up box:
    • From the Type dropdown list, select the type of report which you would like to generate.
    • From the From and To fields, select the date range of the report. Note that you can generate reports for up to 31 previous days.
    • In the field box, type email addresses of recipients to whom the report should be sent, separated with commas.
    • Then, click Generate to start generating the report.

The report should be generated in a few minutes in PDF format.


Report fields

The below table contains the description of all fields you can find in a download report.

merchant_idID assigned to merchant in ZEN ecosystem
shop_idID of service used for authorization
terminal_idID of terminal
ID of parent transaction (if applicable)
reference_idID of the transaction as received from merchant
Date and time transaction has been created in ZEN (in GMT time zone)
auth_dateDate and time of authorization (in GMT time zone)
transaction_typeTransaction type
transaction_amountTransaction amount
Transaction amount charged to merchant after deducting ZEN processing fees
stl_currencyCurrency of settlement
stl_dateDate and time of settlement time
Amount of Secure Deposit held for transaction
Currency of Secure Deposit
Date of releasing Secure Deposit amount back to merchant
exchange_rateRate used to convert to settlement currency

Defines whether Interchange Fee (IF) and Card Schema Fee  (SF) are excluded from Transaction Fee (TF)
Yes – they are excluded and charged separately from TF
No – they not excluded nor charged separately from TF
transaction_feeTransaction fee (in settlement currency)
Interchange fee (in settlement currency)
Not displayed if if++=no
card_scheme_feeCard schemas fee (in settlement currency).
cashback_feeAmount of the cashback sponsored by merchant
For purchase: additional fee paid by buyer
For refund: additional fee refunded by merchant to buyer
transaction_regionRegion classification of transaction
customer_countryCountry of customer
payment_methodName of payment method or network used for transaction
payment_channelChannel used for transaction
card_typeType of payment card
card_organisationBrand of card as specified in BIN
card_short_panFirst 6 and last 4 digits of card used for transaction
commentComment to transaction