3D- Secure

3D Secure (3-Domain Secure) is a protocol designed to enhance the security of online transactions, particularly credit and debit card payments. It operates in three domains: the cardholder’s bank (issuer), the merchant’s bank (acquirer), and the merchant itself. The primary goal of 3D Secure is to authenticate the cardholder’s identity during online transactions, thereby reducing the risk of fraud.

The operation of 3D Secure can be outlined in the following steps:

  1. The customer makes an online purchase and selects a card payment method.
  2. Upon selecting the card, the customer is redirected to the issuer bank’s website, where they are prompted to authenticate themselves through password entry, SMS code, or another form of authorization.
  3. After successful authentication, the issuer bank generates a special code called a „password” to verify the customer’s identity.
  4. The password is then passed to the acquiring bank, which forwards it to the merchant to finalize the transaction.
  5. The merchant receives the password and confirms that the transaction has been authenticated correctly.
  6. The transaction is processed, and the customer can complete the purchase process.

Thanks to the 3D Secure mechanism, the risk of fraud during online card payments is significantly reduced, as customer identity verification is required before completing the transaction.