Merchant checklist

Create your account

  • Create an account on and wait for your account manager. Decide which integration method will be suitable for you.
  • Ensure that you have completed all necessary steps with your account manager.
  • Ask the account manager about testing the account. 
    Important information: For the test account registration, we will need information about IP address you will be using during testing.
  • You will receive login credentials for your test account on the platform.

Starting the test

  • Log in to your account and review with the credentials. 
    Important information: In the store settings you will find credentials and you should have two payment methods BLIK and Card – these are the only available methods for the test environment.

Test your integration

  • Make test payment
    Depending on the integration method you have chosen, whether it’s checkout or API, according to the instructions for the respective method, you need to perform a test payment. To test your integration, initiate a test payment; Your payment can be accepted or rejected Handle errored or refused payments. It is crucial to understand how the system works when a payment is declined or encounters an error. Refer to our documentation for assistance in conducting such a payment.
Checkout API
1. Creating a request.
2. Generating signature.
Important: Go through all the signature generation instruction points carefully, paying attention to whether the data declared in the request differs from that in the text before hashing, remembering to preserve all characters. 
3. Configure IPN.
4. Test payment. 
Important: To set up payment ZEN, you should POST to this ZEN test URL
5. Check payment on panel.
1. Creating transaction. 
To create transaction you have to POST to this ZEN test URL
Important: In the request, there are data such as „paymentChannel” and „type”, the values of which you can check at this address
We need to remember to add in headers the API Key (from credentials) and Content-Type: application/json
2. Configure IPN. 
3. Check payment on panel.
  • Make test refund
    In the plug-in and checkout integration, you can only process refunds through the platform, whereas in the API integration, in addition to processing refunds through the ZEN platform, you can also do so via a POST to the ZEN test URL to our API documentation field transactionId – id of transaction to be refunded provided in ZEN, you can check value in
  • Check IPN configuration
    After a successful payment or refund, an Instant Payment Notification (IPN) with information about the payment and refund should be sent to the declared URL address. If you receive a notification after completing a test transaction, the configuration was successful.

Configure integration on production environment 

Check on your zen account ( you have all required payment methods are visible, and you can click to activate them.
Follow our integration documentation to have the opportunity to process payments and repeat the steps from the test environment with the corresponding URL address as listed in our documentation.

  • Additional set up.
    For each type of integration, there are certain payment methods that need to be integrated additionally: Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal
  • Make a payment.
    Test various payment methods in the production environment; you will have access to all configured methods.
    For API integration;  
    • Configure data collector
      Remember to configure the Fraud collector and generate a fingerPrintId.
    • Apply for PCI DSS
      To safely use card methods and ensure data security, a PCI certificate is required.
  • Make a refund.
  • IPN configuration. 
    Configure IPN in the production environment, make sure you acknowledge IPN using the HTTP protocol with a „200” status. However, if you do this incorrectly, IPNs will be sent to you queued. Check if you’re receiving all IPNs for your account.

You are ready to operate and use the ZEN gateway correctly.