Address Verification Service

The Address Verification Service (AVS) is a solution offered by Visa and Mastercard. Its purpose is to verify whether the billing address and postal code provided by the cardholder during a card transaction match the information associated with the card account in the issuing bank.

AVS serves to reduce fraudulent transactions and prevent unnecessary chargebacks for both merchants and issuers. A mismatch detected by AVS may suggest the use of stolen or counterfeit card information.

It’s important to note that AVS is only accessible for cards issued in specific countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

How it works – AVS in API Request
Parameters which identify transaction with AVS in POST /v1/transactions

paymentSpecificData.avsCheckbooleanInform if AVS check should be made
billingAddress.streetStringCardholder’s street name
billingAddress.buildingNumberStringCardholder’s building number
billingAddress.roomNumberStringCardholder’s room number
(apartment number)
billingAddress.postcodeStringCardholder’s postal code

In Response is present field meta.avsResult

It’s a field with one digit value which indicate result of AVS check.

AVS Result Values:

AADDRESS: Address matches, ZIP code does not match
NNO: Address and ZIP code do not match
RRETRY: System unavailable or timeout
SSERVICE NOT SUPPORTED: Issuer does not support address verification
UUNAVAILABLE: Address information is unavailable
WWHOLE: 9-digit ZIP code matches, address does not match
XEXACT: Address and 9-digit ZIP code match
YYES: Address and 5-digit ZIP code match
ZZIP: 5-digit ZIP code matches, address does not match
0ZERO: Address verification was not performed
bSPACE: Address verification was not performed

See the complete API documentation.