Multi-currency account with quick registration for Ukrainians


Due to the current situation in Ukraine, we have simplified and speeded up account opening for people from Ukraine. ZEN accounts are available in PLN, EUR, USD, GBP, and 26 other currencies.

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How can I open a ZEN account?

It is enough to download the application (click on the button above) and get registered (you’ll need a travel passport of a citizen of Ukraine). It will take no more than 20 minutes.


What documents do I need to open a ZEN account?

To open a ZEN account, you must have a travel passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

How much does it cost to have a ZEN account maintained?

We offer free service for Ukrainians (Gold account) for 365 days! You can read about the features of different ZEN accounts here - https://www.zen.com/uk/personal/pricing (select the Ukrainian page).

Can I withdraw money from ATMs?

Yes. By ordering a physical ZEN MasterCard in the mobile application.

Also using a ZEN account, you can create a virtual card, add it to Google Pay or Apple Pay, and withdraw money from ATMs that support contactless withdrawals.

Virtual ZEN card is ready to use the moment you add it.

How will you send me a card when I’m not in my country?

We can ship a physical card to any address in Europe (we are not sending cards to Ukraine yet).

Does the account support Ukrainian hryvnias?

Not yet. And from October 5, 2022, the NBU banned international p2p transfers from the Ukrainian bank's UAH card.

P2p transfers from currency cards of Ukrainian banks (Privatbank, Monobank, Sense (Alfa Bank), Oschadbank) within the monthly limit of UAH 100,000 (equivalent) are permitted.

There are also many ways to deposit money into your ZEN account if you are abroad. Get acquainted with them in the detailed price list (page 5) - https://www.zen.com/files/tc/individual_pricing.pdf?hsLang=uk

Can someone in Ukraine send me their funds?

Yes. People living in Ukraine can also open a ZEN account and then send you an internal ZEN transfer. Transfers between ZEN users are instant and free. Or they can send you funds to a ZEN card using a p2p transfer from a currency card of a Ukrainian bank (Privatbank, Monobank, Sense (Alfa Bank), Oschadbank).

From which Ukrainian banks can I top up my ZEN account?

P2P transfers from currency cards of Ukrainian banks to a ZEN card within the monthly limit of UAH 100,000 (equivalent) are available at PrivatBank, Mono, Sense (AlfaBank), Oschadbank.

To top up your foreign currency account in a Ukrainian bank, you can contact one of the bank cash desks and purchase currency at the cash rate. After that, you will have funds available on your card for making an international p2p transfer.