ZEN Care – Shopping
protection for your business

You made a company purchase, but something went wrong? No worries, ZEN will handle it. You can always count on us.

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We DO care. Seriously.

You paid with your ZEN Mastercard® and something went wrong? The merchant refused to help you or someone scammed you?
Just let us know, and then relax. We'll sort it out as soon as possible.


Simple steps. Big relief.

Want to get your money back? It's never been easier. Just select the transaction in your transaction history and click Get Refund. Then describe your problem and attach any necessary documentation.

We'll take care of it right away and keep you updated at every step.


ZEN shopping Mastercard®

To be 100% sure that your company’s purchases are protected, remember to always use your ZEN Mastercard®.


How it Works


John ordered a €50 powerbank from an online marketplace. He got a potato instead. After reporting the transaction to Zen, he gets his money back to his account.