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One-year extended warranty for your business equipment

Why should you pay an additional 10% of the product price for an additional year's warranty on electronics, when ZEN gives it for free?

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Never pay for something that is free.

When you pay for electronics with ZEN Mastercard® and within the EU, you get an additional one year warranty. For free. It applies automatically to all electronics that have a manufacturer’s warranty up to 3 years.


Simple rules. If it breaks, we'll get it fixed.

If your product breaks after the standard warranty time has expired, you can claim the additional warranty protection. To do this, locate the original transaction. In its details, select the Help icon and then choose Extended warranty.


ZEN shopping Mastercard®

To be 100% sure that your company’s purchases are protected, remember to always use your ZEN Mastercard®.


How it works


Mia bought a PlayStation 5 worth €600. She automatically received a one-year extended warranty, which would have cost her €60 in store.